A THEATRE PROJECT is about the people of Theatre Projects. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, have passed through its portals. Theatre Projects today designs theatre, constantly striving to improve concert halls, opera houses and arts centers around the world. The extraordinary skills possessed by today's incumbents are the legacy of so many that have gone before them. This is their story.

STOP PRESS. The book is written. It includes tales that were derived from over 70 interviews with TP alumnae gathered by David Collison, David Barbour, or myself.

HOWEVER, if you have worked for, or with, Theatre Projects, or LAMDA, or have had any association or memory of any of the shows, or theatres, or events, or even your own life story that may have occurred over these last fifty-plus years, do ADD your comments/recollections/pictures to this blog. 

ALSO . . . What are you doing NOW? If TP was once part of your life, why not tell us what you are currently up to. We do have some wonderfully distinguished alumnae, of whom we are very proud. Bring us up to date.

Thank you.

First Post

I started writing this book in 2007. I wanted to tell the story of times of quite extraordinary change in our world of theatre . . . but also to evoke some great excitement, times of triumph and disaster . . . and of the many magnificent people within TP, past and present, who made it ALL happen.

After 54 years TP survives, indeed flourishes. From under the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre, it now operates around the globe. How did this happen? Only through the talent, passion and commitment of dozens of special people.

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